Sunday, 8 January 2012

The burst bubble

Unfortunately i fell in love with Ibiza more than my companion of the trip. It was when i returned to a miserable cold, wet England that the fog clouding my eyes lifted. I was not falling in love with this person like i should be, and rather than missing there company, i was eager to be apart and see my family. Alarm bells were most definitely ringing. Going back to university and starting the next chapter of my adventure showed me i needed to break things off before they got to serious. This was harder than i anticipated. To his credit- he was persistent and i did question myself on numerous occasions, but i was sure this was necessary. The whirlwind romance i got caught up in, the lust and excitement finally dulled and spat me out.  
Long distance relationships are very hard work. And after a 4 year long distance struggle i knew i wasn’t willing to do this again. After many long dreaded phone calls the ties were cut and i was left to my own devices to start my second year adventure and my beloved university. Who knew what a strange exciting twisted year i was about to embark on...
Remember the glass is always half full..

The Holiday.

Driving to the airport shades on, tickets in hand and summer music playing through the speakers, i was ready for a few days of sun, sea and excitement. After a few drinks and short flight we arrived in Ibiza and was greeted with a warm blanket of heat, confirming to us we had landed on the Mediterranean white isle. As we pulled up outside a luxury 5 star resort, i commented on how amazing it would be to stay in a hotel like that one day- little did i know this would be my home for the next week. I was speechless; stunned into shock that he had paid for this beautiful resort- something i could only have imagined staying in.
Baring in mind we hardly knew each other, an enjoyable few days was had together. Swedish house mafia at Pacha was a personal highlight, along with watching the sunset with thousands of other party goers revelling in the last remaining light at cafe mambo. Lazy days and crazy nights. Our days were spent lounging by the pool and nights were spent drinking cocktails in the world’s best nightclubs and dining in exquisite restaurants with the freshest seafood money could buy. I had to pinch myself of several occasions to remind myself this was actually happening and not a dream. But the dream did have to end at some point and when i returned to earth i was brought back to reality with an almighty bump. University was looming..
Remember the Glass is always half full...