Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Morning After The Night Before.

Bare faced, bare foot and bearing an unusual looking bruise, i strolled through Knightsbridge in last night’s dress holding the hand of the man who had whisked me off my feet the previous night. After sitting at the reception of the hotel like naughty school children waiting to sign out of our room, i could only imagine what the staff were thinking. In front of them sat two hung-over under 25 year olds oozing alcohol from every pore, paying for a £300 a night room.
In my head i kept thinking “i do not normally do this”.
I will never know till the day i die why i mumbled those words out loud, but it was to be the start of a catchphrase between the pair of us. The walk of shame is known to be embarrassing enough- but mine turned out to be “the public transport journey of shame” that lasted nearly 2 hours. Dirty looks were received from 99% of the public. This included ticket officers, families, elderly couples and fellow teenagers. Although i felt/looked/was a state that morning, i was walking around in a bubble. Something inside me had changed, and that night had given me the confidence to be who i wanted to be (no, not wake up drunk in random hotels) but to actually live my life and have fun. Do crazy things i never even dreamt of doing before and live life with no regrets- even things i don’t “normally” do.
When i began this blog i said how i had started a new chapter of my life, and this night was definitely a new page in the story to show me better things were to come.
Remember the glass is always half full...

"I do not normally do this..."

I woke up naked, hung-over and dishevelled... in a 5 star hotel in Knightsbridge. I can only imagine all the thoughts that have been conjured up into your head upon reading that sentence- but let me set the record straight- “I do not normally do this.”
Those were the first 6 words i muttered to the man i woke up next to.
But first let’s backtrack slightly. 3 months on from “The break up”, i had been on a few dates with other guys, had a few casual snogs, but nothing will ever compare to this first date. After meeting through mutual friends myself and the “new guy” hit it off straight away. Both going through similar situations we found a common ground in partying, having fun and not taking life too seriously. After a week of talking, the first date approached and the location was London. This caused me to feel slightly hesitant, after Adidas trainer guy- i did not want a repeat of that date.
I arrived at the train station (yet again) in a gold sparkly dress and heels when the fear struck through me- what if i am taller than him? This dilemma has never normally occurred to me, but looking over the platform to the date that was awaiting me the problem dawned on me. Walking down the stairs i steadied myself on the rail (after a few glasses of wine for Dutch courage) and calmly walked over to the man i was to spend my evening with. The alarm inside me gradually melted as i neared “the new guy”.  Saying a small prayer of thanks for choosing my smaller heels (3 inches instead of 5) we were peaking at the same height and any issues or problems i had were instantly washed away.
 After a few drinks on the train we were comfortable within each other’s company and ready to forget our troubles for the night. Beginning at Covent Garden (i think I’ve heard this somewhere before...), we started with a few more drinks. Out on the balcony of a beautiful roof terrace bar overlooking the courtyard we were chatting and getting to know each other- gradually getting tipsy as the night went on. Somehow the conversation turned to earrings and piercings. Betting my date that i could put his earring back into his ear, i drunkenly embarked on my challenge- only to drop the earring at the feet of my date and a crowd of wealthy city workers. Crouched down on the floor i frantically searched for the silver stud, only to find out later that the set of earrings were a 21st birthday present that cost £300. My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t speak. Trying to focus my alcohol fuelled double vision eyes on a 3mm diamond stud was one of the hardest tasks i have ever faced. But i was determined not to have to fork out £150 to replace that earring. Thankfully- god only knows how- amongst all those Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, i found that little diamond. 
My heart eventually stopped jumping out of my chest and the colour returned to my face, we moved on to a world renowned nightclub. The drinks were flowing, and shapes were thrown. And a genuinely good night was had by the pair of us... however at 3am neither of us was ready for the night to end.
This was how i awoke the following morning in a 5* hotel in Knightsbridge. What went on in that room is for me to know and for you to never find out! But it was to be the start of a whirlwind romance like no other...
Remember the glass is always half full...

The first date...

A million and one thoughts running through my head, what to say, wear, act, and do on the first date. After 4 years with the same person- comfort became my priority. Here i am on the platform dressed to the nines and ready to impress. London is the venue, a 24 year old 5 years my senior is the date, and a cute floral tan dress is the outfit.
Expectations are high after a chance encounter in a local bar brought us together, and the conversation flowed throughout the night leading to an exchange of numbers. A date was arranged hence the present situation i find myself in.
Butterflies in my stomach and sweaty palms, the train pulled into the station as apprehension rose within me. Walking up the stairs i scanned the station looking for my date, nerves were rife as i turned around and stood face to face with my company for the evening.
Dread filled within me.
 The good looking, charming and smart man i met 2 weeks previously had disappeared before my eyes. Now i like dishevelled hair- but caveman is not my style. Unshaven and stubble is sexy... but not when you look like Alan from the hangover. But, this was not what filled me with dread.
His shoes.
Shoes can speak a thousand words about a person. These shoes were saying all the wrong things. Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but on a date... to Covent Garden, with a girl you’re taking out- would you wear old worn out Adidas running trainers? Now this could be just me, but i think if a guy doesn’t wear good shoes and make the effort- does this reflect on how they will be in a relationship?
As far as the rest of the date was concerned, it was average- not bad, not good. Conversation was generally good with some awkward moments but in the back on my mind- i just couldn’t stop thinking about those trainers under the table. The date came to a swift end with brief goodbyes and a small peck on the cheek.  On the train home i decided Adidas guy wasn’t for me- and this finished before it began.
For a first date i think it was fairly successful. I needed to get myself out there after the long tiring few months i had endured after the break up. And this was exactly what i needed...
Remember the glass is always half full...