Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Morning After The Night Before.

Bare faced, bare foot and bearing an unusual looking bruise, i strolled through Knightsbridge in last night’s dress holding the hand of the man who had whisked me off my feet the previous night. After sitting at the reception of the hotel like naughty school children waiting to sign out of our room, i could only imagine what the staff were thinking. In front of them sat two hung-over under 25 year olds oozing alcohol from every pore, paying for a £300 a night room.
In my head i kept thinking “i do not normally do this”.
I will never know till the day i die why i mumbled those words out loud, but it was to be the start of a catchphrase between the pair of us. The walk of shame is known to be embarrassing enough- but mine turned out to be “the public transport journey of shame” that lasted nearly 2 hours. Dirty looks were received from 99% of the public. This included ticket officers, families, elderly couples and fellow teenagers. Although i felt/looked/was a state that morning, i was walking around in a bubble. Something inside me had changed, and that night had given me the confidence to be who i wanted to be (no, not wake up drunk in random hotels) but to actually live my life and have fun. Do crazy things i never even dreamt of doing before and live life with no regrets- even things i don’t “normally” do.
When i began this blog i said how i had started a new chapter of my life, and this night was definitely a new page in the story to show me better things were to come.
Remember the glass is always half full...

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