Tuesday, 20 December 2011

An Experience Like No Other...

I was whisked off my feet at the whirlwind romance and what i was experiencing. After “that” night in London a series of dates followed, such as snowboarding, dinners in luxurious restaurants, cinema, drinks and nights in with a take away. I was so caught up in the lust of the romance and the feeling of being wanted after such a traumatic few months was overwhelming. All the feeling of sorrow and depression was washed away each time i saw the new fling. It was moving quickly, but i didn’t think any of it, it was occupying me and saving me from myself- it was exactly what i needed. However after two weeks of being caught up in the fairytale the speed of how quickly things were moving hit me like a lightning bolt when i received a picture message from the new beau.

Flight confirmation- 2 passengers to Ibiza departing from Stanstead Airport on September 4th.

My heart was in my mouth. My fingers and toes began to tingle as i felt like all the air from within my body had been sucked out of me. In reply to the picture i asked if it was some kind of joke... but nobody was laughing. I knew things were moving fast, but this was an understatement. The weeks leading up to the holiday went by in a dream.

Working out a way to tell my family that i was off on holiday with someone i had known for 2 weeks was probably the scariest thing of my life. Concocting a plan a week before - informing them it was a surprise/present for before i went back to uni, and saying that i would be mad to turn it down. They were not impressed to say the least. But after the summer i had, i think they knew it was something i had to do. Since the break up, i vowed to say yes to everything (within reason) and start enjoying crazy experiences that do not come around often. And this was indeed- one of those moments.

I was apprehensive- its only natural. However excitement coursed through my veins, i felt alive and ready to create a memory that i would be sure to remember forever. That is certainly what it will be.

Remember the Glass is Always Half Full...

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