Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Family Involvement

Civil. That’s how i wanted the relationship to be between the ex and myself. But i think that civility does not exist in his vocabulary, and so it seems he has passed this ignorance on to his family.  My reasoning for the split was due to his infidelity- a fairly valid reason. But now that i have started to move on i am now being subjected to a small hate campaign. I’m unaware of the exact lies that are being spun to them, but i thought they would respect me more as a person to ask me face to face, rather than ignore me when coming across me in public. I am an adult, they are adults, yet we cannot have a mature conversation.
When families get involved it takes the break up to a whole new level. Because no longer is it between 2 people. People that it does not directly involve have an opinion and feel their voice should be heard. When in actual fact it has nothing to do with them. I dealt with the stories myself, contacting the source and informing her how disappointed i was that she felt that way. I was greeted with a string of lies and dismissals about what she had said. I was tired of liars and people talking about things they had no idea about.
Situations like this helped me personally because i was able to find out my true friends and see his family for what they really were. Out of a negative situation there is always the chance to find a positive. In these circumstances that is what must be done, keep busy and surround yourself with positive people that do not listen to the drama. Remaining mature is the best way to get over an ex and the problems that come with it. Do not sink down to the level of ignorance- maintain your maturity and you will end up on top.
Remember the glass if always half full...

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